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Aziah one year old Schnauzer/Healer mix. 40lbs full grown. Aziah is a great pup. She has young dog energy, but relaxes well, also, and is very smart. Aziah is working on her leash walking skills and is doing great! She loves other dogs. As a matter of fact, Aziah loves everybody! She has a bit too much excited energy for a cat, however. But there is an easy cat program that will get her used to cats quickly. She loves treats and toys, which will make her very easy to train. Aziah would be a great running or hiking partner with her one year old pup energy. Aziah loves, LoVeS, LOVES car rides. She does great with smaller children, but not under 8 years due to her energy. If you are sitting down at the computer or just relaxing, she is right there relaxing with ya. If you are on the move, she is right there on the move with ya. She is NOT an apartment dog, however, since she still has puppy energy and can vocalize when left alone sometimes. If you are looking for a dog to put time and energy into, she is your girl, and the rewards will be ten-fold.Email us with questions at