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Berger is a 4-5 year old, 12lb Brussels Griffon. He loves to play with his peeps. He is fine around other dogs, but doesn't care about them, so would not be a good playmate for another dog. He walks great on leash and rides great in the car. Berger is neutered and fully vaccinated. Berger would be a great first dog, but he does not like to be left alone very much, so maybe not a great apartment dog. Berger has a seizure-like episode about every two weeks. They do not last very long, nor are they violent. He bounces back quickly after each one and is ready to play. We are choosing not to put him on medication for them yet. Berger tends to sometimes get a little nippy when he gets overly excited. That is easy to work on and we have begun to address this. Burger is not good with cats, although he would probably disagree :o). He tends to stand there and bark at them when they are motionless and then chases them when they run. He is not doing this in a mean way, it is just something that is not fair for a cat to have to tolerate. You will fall in love with Berger when you meet him. We are looking for a foster or forever family for Berger. Email us with questions at