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Cinda – 9 year old, 7lb Maltese. Cinda is sweet little one. She loves to hang out with other dogs, but rambunctious pups be on the look out for Fun Police Cinda :o). Cinda loves to be held and carried around. She is a Maltese, after all. Cinda has a pinched nerve in her back which causes her back legs to move a bit slower. She has some feeling in her back area, so she does know when she has to pee, some of the times, but most of the time she wears a diaper, just in case. She doesn’t mind wearing diapers, but does think it is fun to make putting them on a bit of a challenge. Cinda is an easy dog to take care of. She does not take any medication, she eats food great, and is a lot of fun. Cinda would love walks in a stroller. Cinda would be considered special needs to some, but to us she is just a girl who wears diapers and loves life. Cinda is looking for a forever family or foster family. Email us with questions at

Cinda Cinda