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Looking for Fabulous Foster and Forever Family.Harley is a 3 year old, 45lb Terrier mix. He is a spectacular boy funny, silly, and entertaining. Harley is fine with other dogs who are low-key and calm. Harley has mobility issues and we believe he may be afraid he will be knocked over or run over by dogs who are too energetic. Harley walks like a little old man due to prior injuries most likely being hit by a car. He walks slowly, taking very short steps. He cannot do steps or inclines/declines. He needs flat surfaces. He is not a hiking or running dog. He is a short walk, hang out in the yard, and chill dog. He has pelvic fractures that healed incorrectly; damage in both his back hips that repair will not improve his life, and arthritis in both elbows of his front legs. The front legs are what are painful, but are being managed with pain meds, which he will always be on. Even with all of this going on, Harley is a happy boy. A calmer household is what Harley is looking for. If you are looking for a great, younger dog who does not need a whole lot of exercise (daily, short, leisurely walks is all), Harley is the boy for you. He loves both men and women, but we are noticing that he does not like men lifting their arms in a way he interprets he could get hit. So, we are thinking a home of only women is the best for Harley. We hope you will give him a chance and meet him. Harley is looking for fabulous foster family or a fantastic forever family. Please email us at