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Molly – 50lb Lab mix, 5.5 years old. She is just the sweetest “little” girl. Molly absolutely loves other dogs and she loves her people. Molly was placed in a home 4.5 years ago and, due to no fault of her own, she was recently returned. She is a bit too dependent on her people, so we are working on her re-learning how to calm herself when she gets all worked up and starts panting because she cannot find her person. Molly is special needs…. She was born with neurological damage which causes her back left leg to do its own thing (sort of donkey kick), so she walks a bit wonky. She is not a dog who can go for long walks, however, she does enjoy getting out and about. We have a large carriage for her to ride in and she loves it! If you are patient and loving, love younger Labs, and have some strength to help guide/lift her, you will absolutely enjoy Molly. We are looking for a foster or adopter for Molly. Foster to potentially adopt will give you a chance to get to know her and see how sweet she is. Email us with questions at